Sardinia, Corsica …or Nepal? Matteo is your guide!

Matteo Casula
Matteo under a rock mushroom - San Pietro Island

The series of our interviews continues: Matteo Casula, the right guide for Sardinia, Corsica and...Nepal!

Matteo Casula is a guide of the Compagnia dei Camminilike Daniele Moschini and Andrea Laurenzano, the two guides in the previous interviews.

Sardinia and Corsica are summer destinations well known to everyone, but beyond the dream places along the coasts, these are large islands, with a fascinating hinterland rich in traditions, where life passes without having the sea at the centre.

Matteo can guide you on these paths that touch the sea, but which take you to discover places of wild beauty and cultures of an inland that is still, fortunately, little affected by mass tourism, which is often a cumbersome presence on the coasts.

As regards Nepal, as usual you will find at the bottom of the interview the link to Matteo’s personal page on the Compagnia dei Cammini website, there you can find the presentation of this experience and how to contact him if you are interested.

Here we remain with our feet on the ground, on lands close to us. Those lands that can most easily be in the thoughts of those who want to plan their next journey.

Question: Matteo, how long have you been a guide?

Matteo: I have been an Environmental Hiking Guide since 2006, informally since 2004.

Specialized in routes in Sardinia and Corsica with a digression in Nepal.

Question: among the many paths for which you have been and are a guide, which one holds a special place in your heart?

Matteo: it is the path that I consider to be the most complete for understanding the real Sardinia: the “Walk in the footsteps of the Sardinian Bandits” which unites Ogliastra with Barbagia and Supramonte.

Question: regarding this path, what is its “pearl”? What can’t those who want to tackle it independently miss out on, among all that there is to see and that an official and professional guide always shows?

Matteo: “hidden pearls” along this path are the ancient timeless sheepfolds, the strips of primary forest that escaped the Piedmontese charcoal burners and woodcutters, the little-known caves along the route.

Question: what to taste in the countries crossed by this path?

Matteo: all agro-pastoral products reign supreme: cheeses and cured meats, carasau bread, stuffed breads from Ogliastra.

Matteo Casula
Matteo in Corsica, on the famous GR20
Matteo Casula
Matteo under a laricio pine, in Corsica

Question: recommended period to undertake the Walk in the Footsteps of the Sardinian Bandits?

Matteo: spring or autumn.

Question: CAMCO is a partner of the Compagnia dei Cammini for clothing, what CAMCO product do you have, how do you like it?

Matteo: I have a Bisbìn and a Bulètt t-shirt, both in grey-lavender, and black Cöösa shorts, which I felt very comfortable with. The t-shirts have excellent thermoregulation, dry quickly even in the case of prolonged physical effort and do not have the inconvenience of bad odors of synthetic shirts.

I haven’t used the shorts for physical activity, but they are excellent post-walk, when you can’t wait to be free in a loose and extremely comfortable garment.

Question: a curiosity that we promised to all our readers, as a gem of the interview: what do you always put in your backpack that no one – or almost no one – thinks about?

Matteo: two surprises that I always have in my backpack, in addition to the inevitable switchblade: a small cutting board, and a small piece of mattress to sit on.

Question: Finally, what will be the next paths on which you will be a guide?

Matteo: from 7 to 9 March the “Flumendosa, the heart of Sardinia” path, a walk along the banks of the Flumendosa and the Barbagia of Seulo.

We thank Matteo and remember that on the Compagnia dei Cammini website it is possible to consult the programming of all the paths that will see him as a guide in 2024.

As for this interview with one of the guides of the associations of which CAMCO is a partner, that’s all.

We warmly invite you to consult the page dedicated to Matteo within the Compagnia dei Cammini portal: 11 more paths to follow with him in these next months of 2024 – including a journey in Nepal!

Matteo Casula
Tacche Bianche cliff - San Pietro Island
Matteo Casula
Maritime Alps

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