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CAMCO is a brand born in Como from the desire of its founder, Matteo Corrado, to create a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly activewear collection designed for all those who, like him, do not find a product “without compromise” in the current market offer ”. Discover Matteo’s story.

At the moment it is possible to purchase CAMCO in two stores in the province of Como.

  • HOXTON195 in Cassina Rizzardi, in via Alessandro Manzoni 195
  • BOSSI MARIO in Cantù, in via Rebecchino 8

We are always interested in expanding our distributor network. If you are interested in having CAMCO in your store, consult the appropriate section.


You can pay for your purchases safely using PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

If you would like to modify or cancel your order, write to before your package is shipped. If possible, we will accommodate your requests by canceling the order.
If you request a change to your order, you can proceed with a new purchase. If it was a cancellation of an order, we will provide a refund.

During the purchase phase, simply enter the discount code in the appropriate field, which appears below the list of products in the cart, when completing the purchase.


It is possible to return an item and exchange it, unless the product you would like to replace runs out. The return must comply with what is required by our return policy.

As soon as we receive the returned product, we will check that it complies with what is required by our return policy. Only subsequently will we forward the refund, using the same method with which the payment for the purchased item was made.


We have paid a lot of attention to the choice of our raw materials.
All CAMCO products are made by cutting and sewing a fabric composed of only two fibers of natural origin:

  • extrafine merino wool, GOTS certified organic and mulesing-free
  • lyocell TENCEL™, a fiber of botanical origin obtained, with a highly sustainable process, from the wood pulp of certified forests

Discover all the details in the section dedicated to raw materials and in the one dedicated to certifications.

The production of individual garments, starting from our 50% merino wool and 50% TENCEL™ fabric, takes place in Puglia, in the province of Andria-Barletta-Trani. CAMCO, however, is not limited only to producing the garments in Italy, but has also chosen to carry out all the other production phases within national borders.
This is why we can proudly state that weaving, purging, dyeing and finishing are also activities carried out in Italy, precisely in the province of Varese.
A true 100% Made in Italy.

The same approach also guided the creation of all the accessories and our packaging: the elastic of the trousers, which contains 91% recycled polyester, is produced in the province of Bergamo, while the cardboard boxes and labels of nearby fabric to us, a few minutes from Como, and the slips in FSC certified paper in the Marche.

We want to ensure maximum support in choosing the size best suited to your needs. For this reason, in addition to the information relating to the size worn by our models, you can visit our page dedicated to the size guide. If you still have doubts after consulting it, contact us, we will be happy to help you by providing you with all the information you need.

We work every day to expand the number of certifications that attest to the quality of our products and the sustainability of their production.
At the moment we can guarantee that:

  • the 19.5 micron extrafine merino wool used by CAMCO is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic and mulesing-free
  • The lyocell used in CAMCO garments is made up of TENCEL™ fibres, certified by Lenzing with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel
  • our tags are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, to ensure that they come from a responsibly managed forest and supply chain.

Wool is the only fiber of animal origin that we use. GOTS Organic certification is the most important standard for the sustainable production of clothing and textile products made from natural fibers and ensures animal welfare.
Additionally, our merino wool comes from Argentina. We went to buy it on the other side of the world, to make sure it was mulesing-free. You can read more about what this practice is and why we chose suppliers who didn’t practice it on our blog.

First of all we suggest you make sure that your garment really needs to be washed: unlike other fibres, in fact, wool has excellent resistance to dirt and is naturally antibacterial. For this reason it does not require frequent washing: regularly airing your CAMCO products will help keep them clean and help them lose odors, helping the fabric regain its tone and softness.

If you decide to wash it, we suggest that you prefer delicate natural detergents when washing, preferably if certified for their sustainability, avoiding chemical ones that are often too aggressive on fabrics and more polluting for the environment. Also remember that the use of neutral soaps will not only allow you to better protect your clothes, but will also have benefits on your skin and, more generally, on the ecosystem.

Choose a detergent that has a neutral pH and without enzymes, to avoid the risk of the fibers breaking, losing their natural performance. Also avoid the use of fabric softeners, not only as they are harmful to the environment, but also because they could threaten the life of your CAMCO product, degenerating its natural performance and limiting the breathability and body vapor management of the textile fibres.

Wash your garment following the instructions on the label. Preferably choose a hand or machine wash with a delicate cycle specific for wool, let it dry flat without exposing it to direct sunlight.
We are at your complete disposal to help you take the best care of your CAMCO products, write to us at


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