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The history of CAMCO,
Matteo's dream

Do you know an expanse of white gravel that you come across by chance and marks a crossroads, forcing you to make a choice?
I could describe what CAMCO is for me like this: the answer to the question “are you ready to go off-road?”.
From an engineering degree to the creation and launch of a sustainable clothing brand, I definitely went off track.

I did it because I believe that, when you realize that something is not as you would like, you have two options: to be satisfied with what comes your way or to act to change things.

I chose to make a difference by producing a line of sustainable activewear clothing that reflected my values ​​and my way of being in contact with the nature that surrounds us: with respect.

Matteo Corrado,
Founder of CAMCO

Why choose
merino wool
for sports?

Whether it’s summer or winter, merino wool is always the best choice for your skin.
In fact, its thermoregulatory, breathable and antibacterial properties will guarantee you unparalleled performance.
All CAMCO products are made of 50% extrafine Merino wool, 19.5μ, a quality known for being extremely soft and very fine, characteristics that make it perfect for staying in contact with the skin for a long time.

And the other 50%?
We have combined our merino wool with TENCEL™ lyocell, a fiber of botanical origin derived from wood, which guarantees maximum sustainability and excellent performance.
TENCEL™ fibers are naturally structured to manage moisture transport, keeping your body pleasantly cool and dry.

Follow the right direction


When we chose to work with wool, we knew what we could never give up: the guarantee that the well-being of the animals raised for the production of our yarns was put first.
The Merino wool used by CAMCO is strictly mulesing-free, because our love for wool cannot ignore the health and well-being of the sheep that supply it.


In full compliance with our philosophy, the collection is designed to live a long time and accompany you over the years in all your adventures. In fact, not only is Merino wool six times more resistant than cotton, but TENCEL™ fibers are among the most durable in the cellulosic fiber field, guaranteeing long-lasting quality. Furthermore, the design is deliberately timeless, so as to never go out of fashion, season after season.


Respect for animals, respect for the planet, respect for work: this is our mantra.

Not only do we pay great attention to raw materials and their sustainability certifications, but we can proudly state that everything bearing our signature is entirely made in compliance with all Italian and EU regulations regarding environmental and workplace protection.

Get ready for next season

Camco Magazine

Sardinia, Corsica …or Nepal? Matteo is your guide!

Matteo Casula of the Compagnia dei Cammini tells us a little about himself and his favorite paths, between Sardinia, Corsia... and Nepal! An inevitable suggestion on what to put in the backpack that few people think about.


Pants for a walk: long or short?

The guides of the two associations of which CAMCO is a partner - European Association of the Vie Francigene and Compagnia dei Cammini - tell us their opinion on this topic, and we treasure the words of those who live there and have experience of years and hundreds of kilometers .


CAMCO has been a partner of AEVF, European Association of Vie Francigene, since September 2023

CAMCO has been a partner of the Compagnia dei Cammini since May 2023

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