A brand and its choice without compromise:
that of experiencing nature with respect and love.
This is how CAMCO was born

Change things,
one step at a time

Behind CAMCO you will not find large investors. This is the story of an engineer, nature lover, hiker in his free time, determined and resolute to create on his own what the market couldn’t offer him.

This is how CAMCO was born: from a need, that of wearing a quality product that did not make compromises, that was capable of combining environmentally friendly production with the best performance, to experience a respectful relationship with nature, without giving up to maximum comfort.

This is how the search for raw materials and the best suppliers began, capable of ensuring and certifying the uncompromising sustainability that Matteo was looking for. It took months to give shape to this project, but Matteo finally succeeded.



We believe the environment needs more friends.

We believe in a sustainable way of experiencing nature, without compromise.

We believe in the importance of making people think.

We believe that every piece you buy should be a piece you want to wear for years.

We believe in a perfect mix of performance and functionality.

We believe that higher quality means less impact on the environment.

We believe in your desire to join us in changing things, one step at a time.

Raw material


When we decided to give life to CAMCO, we put careful thinking about the yarns we would use at the center of our project: only fibers of natural origin, coming from renewable and biodegradable raw materials, with particular attention to processing.

This is how the first CAMCO activewear collection was born, half in extrafine Merino wool and half in TENCEL™ fibres, two raw materials that are characterized by their extreme functionality and sustainability. The sheep’s fleece, in fact, grows naturally twice a year, while the wood, from which the TENCEL™ fibers derive, is regenerative, which makes this material up to 10 times more ecological than cotton, both in terms of yield of the raw material in the finished product, and in terms of water requirements for cultivation.

Raw material


CAMCO products are made of 50% extrafine Merino wool, 19.5μ, strictly organic, GOTS certified and mulesing-free.

A quality known for being extremely soft and very fine, characteristics that make it perfect for staying in contact with the skin for a long time.

Designed to dress people who are always ready for adventure, our garments make the most of all the properties of this natural fibre, guaranteeing you a versatile product in its various uses, for unparalleled comfort.


We deeply love wool and the properties that characterize it, first of all its extremely versatile nature. As a thermoregulating fibre, in fact, it is much more than an excellent ally against the cold of the winter season. Thanks to its insulating properties, it adapts perfectly to the temperature of the environment and can therefore also be used in summer, because it prevents external heat from coming into contact with the body.

Furthermore, its exceptional fit guarantees maximum comfort on the skin, thanks to a smooth and soft yarn, completely hypoallergenic, capable of protecting you from UV rays, bad odors and excessive body humidity which would lead to the proliferation of bacteria.


Our love for wool cannot ignore the health and well-being of the sheep that supply it to us. This is why we pay great attention to the choice of suppliers for the supply of the raw materials we use.

Our Merino wool is GOTS certified at origin, a process standard that guarantees us that the raw material used in our garments is 100% organic, and strictly mulesing-free.

Mulesing is a surgical practice used on some farms, mainly in Australia, which consists in the removal of a part of the skin from the perianal area of ​​sheep. This practice, extremely painful, as it is performed almost exclusively without anesthesia, without sutures and without antibiotic therapy, is implemented to prevent flystrike, that is an infection due to the larvae of some flies.

Raw material


All CAMCO products come to life by mixing the best extra-fine Merino wool with TENCEL™ lyocell, a fiber of botanical origin derived from wood.

A unique raw material of its kind, which guarantees maximum sustainability within a textile production that is attentive to the environment around us.

The fibers of TENCEL™ are generated from wood pulp coming from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations, according to a closed-cycle production process, awarded by the European Union with the European Award for the Environment. A process that transforms wood pulp into cellulose fibre, recycling both the water and the non-toxic organic solvents used for its extraction and processing. Both, in fact, are regenerated and recycled in excess of 99%.

Not only that: the wood used in the production of TENCEL™ fibers has a very high growth rate and does not require artificial watering or genetic manipulation, guaranteeing an exceptional ecological balance even after its use, as it is biodegradable and compostable.


The TENCEL™ fibre is ideal for all those who require maximum comfort in every situation, to always be up to the adventures that await them.

On your outdoor excursions, CAMCO products can guarantee what you need: maximum freshness on the skin, softness and a feeling of dry and clean.

In fact, thanks to their absorbent capacity and smooth surface, the TENCEL™ fibres ensure incredible efficiency in supporting the body’s natural thermal regulation mechanisms, breathability, moisture absorption and consequent reduction in the development of bacteria on the skin, for maximum hygiene.


The lyocell used in CAMCO garments is made of TENCEL™ fibres and, more specifically, TENCEL™ Active fibres. The cellulose fibres, of botanical origin, keep your body pleasantly cool and dry, giving you the freedom to move without worries during any outdoor activity.

TENCEL™ fibers are naturally structured to manage moisture transport and ensure our garments have hydrophilic properties. The submicroscopic channels between the microfibrils of the cellulose fibers regulate the absorption and release of moisture, helping to improve performance during physical activity and keeping the body pleasantly cool and dry.




It’s not enough to say “wool” to talk about raw materials that follow the path of environmental sustainability. We care a lot about the quality of our products and our wool, proudly certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS is the most important standard for the sustainable production of clothing and textile products made with natural fibers from organic farming such as organic cotton or organic wool.

Guaranteeing you a certification on the origin of our wool means ensuring that it is obtained in full compliance with stringent environmental, sustainability and social criteria.


The lyocell used in CAMCO garments is made from TENCEL™ fibres, certified with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel. An environmental quality guarantee, which is assigned only to those products and services that have a significantly reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle. Products awarded the label are independently evaluated for compliance with rigorous ecological and performance criteria.

TENCEL™ is a registered trademark of Lenzing AG.



Our packaging also respects the environment.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is an international, independent and third-party certification, specific for the forestry sector and products – woody and non-woody – derived from forests. We are very proud of being able to guarantee a careful choice of our suppliers, even down to the smallest details: this is why we have printed our tags on FSC certified paper, to ensure that it comes from a responsibly managed forest and supply chain, from recycled material and/or controlled wood.

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