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A white gravel expanse marks a crossroads and forces a choice: this is CAMCO. We are a made-in-Italy brand that offers extra-fine Merino wool and TENCEL™ lyocell fibers activewear clothing. Our products are designed for women and men who love adventure, in both urban and outdoor explorations.

Our garments are geared for those who love to get off the beaten track, taking secondary hidden paths that suddenly appear, almost by chance. What will be discovered at the end of the «CAM-mino bian-CO» (white path) makes no difference, because the pleasure of discovery is always what matters most.

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The whole CAMCO story is, in a way, an off-road race.

From an engineering master’s degree to the design and launch of a sustainable clothing brand, we definitely strayed from the obvious and well-worn path. CAMCO is also, and above all, the story of a brave choice: to go with one’s gut, to leave what is familiar and venture into unknown paths, to follow one’s own “cammini bianchi”- back roads and hidden trails which may provide new opportunities.

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As with most things in which we truly believe, CAMCO was born from a personal need that could not be easily met. It was important to combine made-in-Italy style with strict ethical production, to create a product which could offer high-quality standards, Italian craftsmanship and utmost attention to the environmental impact of textile production and the raw materials.

When you realize that something is not as you would like, there are usually two possibilities: to settle, or to take action… to make your mark.

We have chosen to make a real difference.

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A good idea is not enough without an execution with high expectations. If we did not proudly carry this belief, we would not be here today. We have carefully selected each supplier partner, applying strict quality standards in every production stage: from the yarn choice to the packaging in which every CAMCO product reaches our customers.

This meant repeatedly asking all our partners that all the most important quality standards, related to materials and production, were respected, to guarantee a product truly mindful of the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

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Looking to the future means starting from the past. The choice to produce exclusively sustainable extra-fine Merino wool clothing stems from clear knowledge. In contrast to most modern synthetic materials, industrially produced from non-renewable fossil resources, wool fiber guarantees an exceptional ecological balance. 

Wool is one of the oldest fibers known to man, and it is also the most reusable and recyclable on the planet. Starting from here, we weave tradition and innovation to produce an apparel collection capable of making a real difference. We mix our extra-fine 19.5µ Merino wool with TENCEL™ lyocell fibers, a botanical fiber produced in a very sustainable way, from the wood of certified and controlled forests, according to sustainability criteria. This is why we can proudly say that our products are made «only» of water, air, sun, wood, and grass.

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The tradition’s promotion is expressed by choosing one of the oldest natural fibers – such as wool – and in the approach to handicraft production: a perfect expression of quality, research, and attention to detail that always characterized the real Italian textile product.

At CAMCO, we believe in the value of made-in-Italy and that a garment so labeled must express the Italian pride of production within national borders, able to guarantee appropriate working conditions and times for all, without shortcuts.

According to European legislation, a product made in two or more countries is still considered as originating from the country where the last transformation or substantial work took place, giving the made-in-Italy label even to products made minimally within our national borders.

We have chosen openness. We can proudly say not only that all our products are woven, purged, dyed, finished, cut and sewn entirely in Italy, but also that this is true for everything we signed, including additional components, accessories and packaging.

We love to think that choosing one of our products means going beyond what one wears, to embrace a more conscious lifestyle, even when it comes to clothing. For us this means the real requirement to come back to the products’ origin and value, producing only the necessary and avoiding useless inventories.



From the beginning, we have worked hard to create and offer high quality products, long-lasting and durable for all of life’s adventures.

From urban explorations to outdoor excursions, the stories one wears with CAMCO tell about courage, a desire to change the world and the ability and strength to travel far and wide: they tell about Rover Aptitude. Our products are designed to last a long time, to share a journey through the many “cammini bianchi” (white paths) one might be led into.

Together we can make a difference, choosing to leave the known path and acting responsibly, making a real commitment to protecting our planet, starting from what we wear and how we do it.

Enjoy clothes, don’t abandon them at the first “signs of aging”. Make sure they are good partners even if they will tell you about “some more” adventure.

Choosing to take care of used garments, instead of buying new ones, will help make you feel like more of an “owner” and not just its “consumer”. Choosing to extend the lifetime of clothes means reducing your environmental impact, avoiding unnecessary CO² emissions, waste output and water.

We can play our part, but we ask you to follow us! If necessary, repair our products, adding one more “chapter” to their story. A garment that has “something to tell” is worthy.

And when you no longer want your CAMCO products, remember second-hand sales make it possible for you to give new life to your old CAMCO garments, as well as giving someone else the chance to use a discarded but fully functional garment.

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The global assessment of CAMCO’s positioning in terms of sustainability is entrusted to the Sustainable Brand Platform. For CAMCO, sustainability is a process of continuous improvement. We constantly pinpoint new ideas to have an ever smaller impact on the planet, in terms of raw materials, packaging, production, logistics. At the same time, being socially active and guaranteeing a comfortable, flexible, stimulating place of work, useful for personal growth and attentive to the needs of the individual worker, is for us “sustainability”.