Daniele, the guide who comes from the centre of Italy.

Daniele Moschini
Daniele protects himself against the aggressive mosquitoes of the Finnish summer

We inaugurate the interviews with the guides of the two CAMCO partner associations with Daniele Moschini.

As we announced in our last article “What to put in the backpack?”, we want to involve the guides of the two associations of which CAMCO is a partner – European Association of Vie Francigene and Compagnia dei Camminiin the creation of content that is interesting for our readers.

The readers of our blog are most likely walkers, but even those who do not want to define themselves as “walkers” because they have not yet attempted a multi-day/week walk and do not even have the prospect of doing so in the short term, we are sure that these people will also find The interviews we will do with the professional guides are interesting.

Indeed: we are sure that they will be an incentive to try these walking experiences, especially since we also report, at the end of our chat, the next walks that will involve the guide.
Starting your “career” in tourism at a slow pace with a journey guided and organized by those who do this for a living is certainly a wise choice.

Inaugurating this “editorial trend” is Daniele Moschini, of Compagnia dei Cammini.

Question: Daniele, introduce yourself to our readers!

Daniele: I live in a small town in the Apennines, in Sabina, Lazio. Land rich in history, traditions and nature.

I have always walked, like many others who were dragged into the mountains as a child, but a great passion then pushed me to become a guide, because walking means knowing oneself and the world around us, because those who walk think and dream and can move thoughts, consciences and actions.
I propose trips to places that are only apparently distant from each other: rural Finland, the Marche Apennines, Umbria, Tuscany and Abruzzo. Lazio and the upper Sabina obviously.

Places where you can feel a little out of the world and it is precisely there that life is intense and full of small and true things and there can be that everything that many are looking for.
I wrote something for Meridiani Montagne and National Geographic. I like marginals by choice and nonconformists by temperament.

Question: How long have you been a guide?

Daniele: I have been an environmental hiking guide since 2010.

Question: among the many paths for which you have been and are a guide, which one holds a special place in your heart?

Daniele: path of the heart… difficult to answer.

Surely one is that of Terre Mutate because I built it together with many friends from Movimento Tellurico and beyond.

Finland is a small pride of mine because from nothing we created a path with Marja – Leena and Jyrki, my Finnish friends who I met on a path I was taking in Sabina, the ring of the Rieti valley with the 4 Franciscan sanctuaries.

When I say “path”, referring to what we have created in Finland, I mean everything: from the route to the people who welcome walkers and who are increasingly networking with each other… some Finns didn’t know each other. Just think, a teacher who volunteers in a sort of local “people’s house” has found some of her students who welcome walkers on the next stage!

Group photo in Finland - Daniele second from the right
Pastore - Lago della Duchessa
Duchess Lake, Daniele with the only shepherd who still practices summer transhumance

Question: well, these are great stories to listen to!

As for the Camino delle Terre Mutate, which is more within reach for the majority of our readers, what is the “pearl” of the path? What can’t they miss?

Daniele: “pearls” of the journey, in the plural!

They are the stories of rebirth and resistance of people after years of failure to rebuild or partially rebuild. The civic value of the walk is very strong.

So much beauty was lost in a few seconds, but so much was born in the following months and years, to be found in the stories of resistance of stubborn and passionate young and old.

(editor’s note: the Cammino delle Terre Mutate is called this way precisely because it crosses those territories that were wounded and changed in their appearance by the earthquake in Central Italy in 2016).

Question: recommended period for walking the Camino delle Terre Mutate?

Daniele: Spring is definitely a beautiful time.

Question: CAMCO is a partner of Compagnia dei Cammini for clothing, what CAMCO product do you have, how do you like it?

Daniele: I have a Bisbìn t-shirt, in grey-lavender colour. I really felt comfortable with the CAMCO t-shirt: light, breathable, and holds up very well against odors among other things

Question: a curiosity that we promised to all our readers, as a gem of the interview: what do you always put in your backpack that no one – or almost no one – thinks about?

Daniele: I put dental floss in my backpack!
But not for the teeth, or rather: not only…if you detach the sole of a boot it is very useful, really! 😀

CAMCO: it sounds like a story of real life… we can’t help but be sure now that a low-cut sole can be fixed with dental floss! Already in the article “What to put in the backpack?” the problem of the low-cut sole had been addressed with American tape, but dental floss is certainly less cumbersome and is already in the basic equipment of many of us.

Time for explanations along the Path of the Brigands
Val Maira
Holiday in Val Maira with the family

Question: To conclude, what will be the next paths on which you will be a guide?

Daniele: From February 25th to March 3rd the Antica Via Amerina.
The Cammino San Benedetto from March 10th to 16th.

We thank Daniele and remember that on the Compagnia dei Cammini website it is possible to consult the programming of all the paths that will see Daniele as a guide in 2024.

As for this, our first interview with the guides of the associations of which CAMCO is a partner, that’s all. Obviously you could spend hours listening to the stories of those who have been doing this job professionally for many years; here we have just introduced the person and his favorite territories.

We warmly invite you to consult the page dedicated to him on the Compagnia dei Cammini portal: still 14 paths to travel with him in these next few months before 2025.

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