We really care about the quality of our products and we think it is important to offer you a garment made to last. For this, we use the best natural fibers, extra-fine Merino wool and TENCEL™ lyocell fibers: two resistant and functional raw materials, suitable for many occasions: in everyday life, during sports or for an outdoor adventure. You will find washing instructions for our products on the internal labels. However, if you need more information, we are here to help you take care of your CAMCO products. Write to us at


Every day, thanks to our commitment to sustainable and responsible textile production, we try to do our part to protect our planet and the health of those who live there. Rethinking the textile industry’s logic is a commitment that we take very seriously, but a lot depends on you. Our garments use resistant and functional materials that are completely sustainable, but it is important that people who wear them make an effort towards more conscious consumption, even after buying a product. 

We suggest using mild, natural detergents, certified for their sustainability, avoiding those with chemicals, which are hard on the fabrics and more damaging to the environment. Remember also that neutral soaps will not only allow you to better protect your clothes, but your skin and the ecosystem as well.

Choose a pH-neutral detergent without enzymes, to prevent fibers breaking and natural performance loss. Also avoid the use of fabric softeners, which have a negative environmental impact and can affect the life of your CAMCO product, weakening its natural performance and limiting the breathability and the textile fibers management of body moisture. 

Often due to superficiality or haste, we pay little attention to fabrics' real needs of washing. However, by dedicating just a couple extra minutes to the care of our garments, it is possible to make them last over time and maintain all their original characteristics. Make sure your garment needs to be washed: unlike other fibers, wool has a natural bacterial and dirt resistance. For this reason, it doesn’t need frequent washing. Airing it out regularly helps keep it clean and odor-free, regaining tone and softness.

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Washing tips

Wash at low temperatures - max 30°C
Use the wool cycle and specific wool detergents
Do not use fabric softeners or bleaches
Maximum 400rpm spin
Do not tumble dry
Let the garment dry in a horizontal position away from direct sunlight
Iron at low temperatures
Do not dry clean