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The textile industry is among the most polluting in the world, second only to oil refining. For this, deciding to create a sustainable activewear line is a commitment that we want to honor, alongside our customer, day after day.
Going down this road does not only mean choosing a conscious and controlled production, which eliminates unnecessary waste but also paying close attention to the fibers used.
When we decided to give life to CAMCO, we carefully considered the materials used at the heart of our project. We were well aware of the necessity to employ only nature based fibers, from renewable and biodegradable raw materials, with high attention to processing.
This is how the first CAMCO activewear collection was born, 50% in extra-fine Merino wool and 50% in TENCEL™ lyocell fibers: two fibers with many benefits, both in terms of functionality and sustainability. Sheep fleece grows naturally twice a year, while the wood of our TENCEL™ lyocell fibers is regenerative. This is why this material is up to 10 times more ecological than cotton, both considering its yield in terms of finished product and water requirement for farming.

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Making careless clothing choices affects both the environment and our health. The environmental crisis related to our waters, polluted with over 3.2 million tons of primary microplastics each year, has highlighted the necessity to rethink the way we dress. It is estimated that a large amount of microplastics that reach marine habitat, without biodegrading, comes from the synthetic fabric’s washing, such as nylon and polyester. Even worse, the same microplastics return to our plates through the food chain, also affecting our health.

Despite a deep commitment to responsible manufacturing, the textile industry still takes more from the earth than it returns. The battle to fight is the one against a production that increases plastic waste or microplastic pollution, and we are ready to fight. CAMCO’s commitment is to have as little negative environmental impact as possible, with durable products, made with fibers of natural origin, easily biodegradable and recyclable. This allows us to take care of both your health and our planet. 


No matter how extreme your next adventure will be or what path you will follow: our products are designed to last long, maintaining their beauty and quality.

Thanks to a high-performance elastic core of Merino wool and TENCEL™ lyocell fibers, incredibly resistant, our products keep their shape allowing you not to worry about creasing your clothes, while the natural oils on the wool fibers will protect the garments from dirt and stains and thus reducing unnecessary laundering and  water consumption.

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In full compliance with our philosophy, CAMCO products are designed to long last and go along with you over the years in every adventure. Additionally, Merino wool is 6 times more resistant than cotton, and TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are the most resistant among cellulosic fibers, guaranteeing lasting quality. Moreover, without electrostatic charge, the smooth surface of TENCEL™ lyocell fibers ensures a soft fit on the body and guarantees pleasing aesthetic qualities such as drape, sheen, and color vibrancy.

Raw wool


Our choice has taken us far away, to Argentina, because this is where our wool comes from – organic, GOTS certified, and mulesing-free.  CAMCO products are 50% extrafine, 19.5µ Merino wool, an extremely soft and fine quality, characteristics that make contact with skin ideal for long time. Designed to dress people always ready for adventure, our garments make the most of all the properties of this natural fiber, guaranteeing a versatile product in its various uses. Whether in the city, in everyday life, for sports or outdoor excursions, you can always count on unparalleled comfort.

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We deeply love this raw material and all its magical qualities, mainly for its extreme versatility. As a thermoregulating fiber, wool is much more than an excellent barrier against the cold of the winter season. Thanks to its insulating properties, it adapts perfectly to the outdoor temperature and can therefore be used both in summer, because it provides fantastic insulation, and in winter, as it prevents heat loss.

Furthermore, its exceptional fit ensures maximum comfort on the skin, thanks to a smooth and soft yarn, completely hypoallergenic, capable of UV protection and helping to control excess body moisture that could lead to the proliferation of bacteria and body odor.


When we choose wool, we knew we could never compromise the well-being of animals reared for the production of our yarns. This was our priority. The CAMCO Merino wool is GOTS certified at the origin, this is a process standard that guarantees that the raw material used in our garments is 100% organic, and strictly mulesing-free.

Mulesing is a surgical practice used in some farms, mainly in Australia, which consists of removing a part of the skin from the sheep’s perianal area. This extremely painful practice, is performed almost exclusively without anesthesia, sutures or antibiotic therapy, and is implemented to prevent flystrike, an infection caused by flies’ larvae.

Our love for wool cannot disregard the health and well-being of the sheep that supply it. For this reason, we pay great attention to the choice of our partners for the raw materials used.

Wood Pulp


All CAMCO products come to life by mixing TENCEL™ lyocell, a botanical fiber from wood, with best extra-fine Merino wool, thus creating a unique raw material, in harmony with our philosophy, which guarantees highest sustainability within an environmentally careful textile production.

Indeed, TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are generated from wood pulp of natural forests and sustainably managed plantations, based on a “closed cycle” production process, awarded by the European Union with the “European Environment Award”. This process transforms wood pulp into cellulose fiber, recycling both water and non-toxic organic solvents managed for its extraction and processing. They are regenerated and recycled for more than 99%.  Additionally, the wood used in TENCEL™ lyocell fiber production has a very high growth rate and does not need artificial watering or genetic manipulation, ensuring an exceptional ecological balance even after its use, as it is biodegradable and compostable.


The TENCEL™ lyocell fiber is the ideal fiber for all those who want exceptional comfort in every situation, to always live up to the adventures they are waiting for.

For everyday urban explorations or in the most unpredictable outdoor excursions, CAMCO knows what you need: maximum freshness on the skin, softness and a feeling of dry and clean.

Thanks to the absorptive capacity and smooth surface, TENCEL™ fibers guarantee maximum support to the natural thermal regulation of the body, breathability, moisture absorption, and reduction of bacteria on the skin.

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The lyocell used in CAMCO garments consists of TENCEL™ fibers, and more specifically TENCEL™ Active fibers. Cellulosic fibers, of botanical origin, keep one’s body pleasantly fresh and dry, allowing ease of movement during sports. TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are naturally structured to manage the transportation of moisture and ensure hydrophilic properties. Submicroscopic canals between the microscopic fibrils of cellulose fibers regulate the absorption and release of moisture, which contribute to one’s performance of physical activity by keeping the body pleasantly cool and dry. This makes CAMCO a brand designed for those looking for a viable alternative to normal synthetic fibers during sports practice.

The global assessment of CAMCO’s positioning in terms of sustainability is entrusted to the Sustainable Brand Platform. For CAMCO, sustainability is a process of continuous improvement. We constantly pinpoint new ideas to have an ever smaller impact on the planet, in terms of raw materials, packaging, production, logistics. At the same time, being socially active and guaranteeing a comfortable, flexible, stimulating place of work, useful for personal growth and attentive to the needs of the individual worker, is for us “sustainability”.