On the top of a rock



CAMCO is an apparel brand with strong appeal, outfitting women and men who are not afraid of going “off track”, both literally and figuratively.
Adventurous and never ordinary, they love to “get lost” because they know the true value of every adventure lies not so much in the miles walked as much as by how challenges are met and new discoveries are sought.

CAMCO is the brand of those who never choose the easy way because courage, curiosity, and the desire for adventure enliven their days.
Metropolitan explorations, outdoor excursions: whatever path is chosen, whatever the way you  express your rover aptitude, we will be by your side.

The desire to get off the beaten track is the engine of our choice:  that of a brand that will carry forward a sustainable and environmentally-friendly production, committing itself firmly to the future of all.
This is why we believe in a perfect mix of performance and functionality.
We believe the environment needs more friends.
We believe in making people think.
We believe that sustainability also means respect for workers.
We believe that higher quality means less impact on the environment.
We believe in the importance of details.
We believe in your desire to leave the track and be part of the change, in favor of the future of our planet.


The global assessment of CAMCO’s positioning in terms of sustainability is entrusted to the Sustainable Brand Platform. For CAMCO, sustainability is a process of continuous improvement. We constantly pinpoint new ideas to have an ever smaller impact on the planet, in terms of raw materials, packaging, production, logistics. At the same time, being socially active and guaranteeing a comfortable, flexible, stimulating place of work, useful for personal growth and attentive to the needs of the individual worker, is for us “sustainability”.